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Thursday 6/5/2007

Warm-Up Type Stuff

Bench Press: 205x5x2 135x15
- this was lame
- felt awkward, especially when taking the bar off the rack
- repeat 205 next week

Body Rows: 3x10

Front Lever: 6 holds
- getting stronger on these
- can move into an okay advanced tuck
- try to hold advanced tuck longer

Curls: 85x4x2 85x12
- This was weird. I started off doing sets of two, then I got bored, so I decided to do one more set to "almost failure." And somehow, I got 12 reps. Apparently I was underestimating my curling powers, at least for today.

Thruster Breathing Ladder:
- 1 deep breath, 1 rep
- 2 deep breaths, 2 reps
- repeat up to 20 breaths and 20 reps
- these were not hard until 15, and then they were very hard

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