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Day 1 - Felt like any other day when I fast, had a mild headache until I drank about a gallon of water then I was fine. Walked about 4 miles across the city to make an appointment and the appointee never showed, oh well. Walk 4 miles back to the bus station.

It's not that bad really I just like to complain because I have nothing better to do. I started working part time for the local Army Reserve Unit and because its government I wont get paid for a month or so. I've got some interviews for a part time armed security job (somehow everything always comes back to guns with me, I can't get away ) which should pay really well actually...

I've also started working on an agreement with the same Reserve Unit to use their Drill Hall (similar to a HUGE gymnasium with concrete floors) right in downtown Ottawa to start teaching regular Boot Camp Fitness Classes. I'm hoping this is the break I need!
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