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This week is a rest week from both lifting and cardio but I'm continueing with the same the low/high food pattern as before, except that I eat slightly more on the low days and less on the high days.
Temp has dropped too but as I'm a gurl, this could also be just the time of month. Yet I can see that it drops lower than in the 3 cycles before without a real rest week.

As of next week I'll be training in an easier (for the body, not for the agenda) every-other-day pattern and I'm hoping to see an increase of maintenance. If this doesn't happen in 2 weeks, I'll think to ditch the real 12hr fast pattern and go back to eating 3x/day but skip lunch (breakfast- early & late dinner).

I'm figuring that the mild stress from fasting is good for people that are stress-resistant, but for someone that's easily stressed, it's a bit much.
If it's not from going back from training EOD to 3x/wk then the only possible reason for a drop in mtn can be the IF.
I didn't just start it because it's very convenient to do, and supposedly healthy, but also to drop body fat. Sofar though, I've seen huge fluctuations in water weight (both an immense drop and gain) and not so much fat loss.
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diet: back to 3 square meals but skipping lunch = 2 short fasts.
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