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you are not alone. In my mind the the most amazingly fit athletes in the world are road racers (just dont ask them to do a push up ) A good road racer can sprint for 10 seconds grind for hours or chase down a break as long as it takes. the power to weight these guys develop is mind blowing (lance armstrong has posted the highest power to weight ratio on a ever recorded on a concept 2 rower at 4.1). The problem is that they dont have any upper body strength and they have a very limited skill set. When I did my first crossfit workout at crossfit vancouver I immediatly recognized that the CF protocol has the potential to give an athlete roadracer fitness for his/her whole body with a huge skill set that would transfer to any sport (I also play hockey, snowboard, and DH MTB). The reason I started doing crossfit was to become a complete athlete, and to achieve that complete fitness.
So starting last january I focused on crossfit alone. I gained weight, strength and skill but when I went to go ride my bike in march I sucked. It wasnt the end of the world. A couple weeks of hill repeats had me back in the swing of things (actually I was suprised how quickly i adapted to the intervals) but I never really thrived on the epic rides like I used to.
Based on my experience I have I decided that everyone who says that crossfit improved their cycling or running or triathalon was never really that good in the first place. Dont get me wrong I think crossfit is awesome for what it is, but to fully buy into the crossfit program you have to fully buy into Glassmans (and crawley's) definition of fitness. That does'nt really work for me because any time I do something fun I do it for a long time (heh heh) so endurance is more important to me than the rest of the crossfit crew.

It's funny I kind of feel like renne zelwiger in jerry mcguire when tom cruise waves his spirit fingers and says "all i wanna know... is whos coming with me"
I will Rob. I will come with you
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