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Could be a little rough.

If you're going to do that many ME exercises.. (are you going to go singles or triples or what?) make sure you try to keep the volume pretty low as you work into it. If it's too much at first try cutting the wed X-fit to a half intensity day.

GTG along with this will probably be too much unless your conditioniong level is *very* high.

I would group cleans and DLs together and snatch and squats together. Basically the oly lift variation will be a warmup for the heavy work (e.g. clean is a warmup for DL) which will cut down significantly the amount of warmup sets (if any) that you need to do. It really doesn't matter what goes what day really though... try to keep it synch with X-fit in terms that if you're doing max DLs on Monday maybe put your clean-dl-bench on Thurs instead of Tues which you'd have to do it 2 days in a row. That would be ROUGH.

P.S. I hope your diet is optimized as well.
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