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Some good points above. I dont have the best conditioning, but Ive always been able to recover quickly, but why risk it. So I sat down and have been trying to figure out something that might be a little better.

As far as reps, I was thinking of doing the one from the ME Blackbox variations article. First group of exercises, week one 5x5, two 5x3, three 5x1 and then repeating with second group of exercises. After the six weeks, take a week off. I want to use this week to test myself. I was thinking a 5k run, CF total, and the old school strength challanges from underground strength coach.

When I talk about crossfit, I dont mean whats up on the page. What I meant was doing randomized, "no rules", metcon workouts. So sometimes a crossfit metcon, sometimes something from, etc, its just easier to say XFit.

Mon - XFit
Tue - Snatch (power, hang, etc)
Wed - XFit
Thur - Standing Press
Fri - XFit
Sat - Back Squat
Sun - Rest

Mon - XFit
Tue - Clean (power, hang, etc)
Wed - XFit
Thur - Deadlift
Fri - XFit
Sat - Benchpress
Sun - Rest
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