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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
stretching front - stretching iliopsoas and rectus femoris. lunge + back lean (without allowing hyperlordosis)

sqeeze back - contract the glutes.
At first, I thought you said "contact the glutes" which gives the stretch a whole new meaning.

Lunge stretches, IT band stretches, dynamic stretching (butt kickers, high knee pull backs, cradle stretches), toy soldier kicks, walking Spider-Man's, etc. all saved my workout life. I got them all from the Magnificent Mobility DVD and from contacting Eric Cressey. He's very helpful and responds to e-mails quickly. I used these to get through back pain, achillies tendonosis, and golfer's elbow. Quite the panacea.

Oh, prone bridges and birddogs for the glute activation.
Good stuff.
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