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Originally Posted by Brandon Enos View Post
Just a little confused here. For the first scenario:
Snatch heavy
Back Squat heavy
Overhead Press medium

C+J heavy
FSQ heavy
Overhead Squat medium

Are you talking about doing the first three for three weeks then switching to the other, or am I off?

For the second:
Power Snatch until you have to squat snatch
Squat snatch to max
Overhead squat reps with a heavy squat snatch weight
Back Squat to heavy triple

Im guessing that this is done all in one day.
You could do workout A and then do workout B the next time you go heavy.

But in light of your goals, you might want to reconsider doing ME Black Box. Dieting hits you hard, and so does working up to max weights on a regular basis: I haven't tried dieting down while regularly trying to hit max weights, but my guess is that trying to do both at once might backfire.

Body comp is not something I have experience training for specifically; there are a lot of other people here who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to this. But off the top of my head I would say that you might be better served by doing metcon a couple times a week and using medium-heavy but never maximal strength training (say, a couple ascending sets of 5 or something else simple like that) to minimize strength loss.
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