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Originally Posted by Brandon Enos View Post
Also, and Im not sure if this will make a difference at all or not, but Ill add it anyways.

I am currently an EMT and I want to become a firefighter. As long as I get accepted, I will be attending the fire academy in late Jan./early Feb., which is why I want to get my weight down by New Years.
I'd opt for what Dave said also, you can develop different qualities concurrently BUT with a specific goal in mind and time frame this is the perfect opportunity to do some backwards planning. A few months of strength work, with minimal GPP type work then shift to a plan like you are currently discussing and 1/2 strength 1/2 GPP type, then shift completely to metcon stuff.

Another option is to focus your next 4-6 weeks on body composition and not to worry about strength at all. (a la Dan Johns recommendation that "fat loss is a 28-day war!...etc" (badly paraphrased)). Then in the months of September to December to focus on strength and phase in GPP as you go along.
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