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The Dan John Kiss Ass experiment continues. I reread his last article and tried to duplicate his routine as best I could. I did the warm ups with the barbell complexes, then to the ladder of clean and presses with pull ups.
Again, the clean and presses were OK, so I went up to 60lb on them and weighted the pull ups with 15lb for the first 2 rounds. Also, this time I paid attention and only went up on the ladder, 1-2-3, then rested for 1 minute. Did this for 5 rounds (total of 30 reps). It kicked ass.

Next, tried the the barbell rollout with one arm bench presses. No benches, so I did floor presses and the weights are all hexagons, so rollouts were, let's say, "difficult."
Got 2 sets of 5 before giving up and leaving to pick up my daughter from basketball practice.

Rode the bike this morning and noted that I was still feeling last night's work.

Good stuff from the leader of the Murray Institute for Lifelong Fitness.
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