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Steve Shafley
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That's an interesting bit.

It really points towards specificity for the Olympic lifter, doesn't it? I honestly can't say if he's right or not.

Pointing to the 10% thing from throwing and attempting to apply it to a barbell that is loaded with a weight above a lifter's bodyweight is apples to oranges, though.

He's also talking about good olympic lifters. Not some guy with a 100kg clean and jerk and a 85kg offense to anyone. In the latter case, some significant strengthening needs to be done, and it is more efficient to get stronger using the slower lifts with heavy loads than pushing at your classical lifts over and over.

The needs for a low level OL vs a high level OL in training are very different. I think this is one thing Roman and the other Soviet OL coach-academics described in a useful fashion.
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