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Default Current PRs

Hi Peter

I have just join you all on the performance menu, I am a friend of Greg and Aimee's. Not sure if your are still collecting data on the current PR's but here is mine. I would love to know if you find any similarity.
These are all the numbers I hit going into a meet on June 24th, been pushing the reps since. I know my front squat have gone up a little maybe 5kg.

I would love to know what you think?

Age: 32
Bodyweight: 206lbs 93kg
Back Squat: 200kg
Clean: 158kg
Clean Pull: 160kgx3
Deadlift: 212.5kg
Front Squat: 172.5kg
Jerk: 157.5
Power Clean: not done pushed them more than 110kg
Power Snatch:not pushed more than 90kg
Snatch Pull:125kgx3
Overhead Squat never do them hurt like mad 90kgx3

Have fun,


PS Hi Greg, Hi Aimee
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