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Though I am about two weeks into a 7 week plan I won’t go back and post everything. I will start with the last three days:


Fasted: 9:30pm-3:30 pm. 18 hours

5X5 ME UB Lift SP:

75-95-125-145 (failed on 3rd rep)-140

Took 17:47 to complete. I think I could have done 145 if I pushed, but not anymore than that. I am positive I could press my bodyweight at least once. I hope to press it at least 5 times. First time ever working on this lift in a non WOD setting.

10X100m sprints:
1. :15:94 6. :14:78
2. :14:34 7. :14:91
3. :14:94 8. :14:34
4. :14:88 9. :14.91
5. :15:06 10. :15:00


Fasted: 8:30 pm-11:30am. 15 hours

5X3 ME TB Lift HPC:

95-120-130-135 (failed at 2nd rep) - 130

Took 19:38 to complete

My form is poor. I think on some of the lifts I was opening my hips before I pulled with stopped any acceleration on the bar. Other lifts I power curled the bar. I must work on mechanics. Cleans are the building blocks of true strength. If I do not improve these numbers I am obviously not very strong.

“Power Michael”

Run 400m in 20lb weight vest. Rest 2:00. 25 GHD Med ball sit-ups, with 8lb ball. Rest 2:00. 25 Back extensions with 20lb plate. Rest 2:00. 3 rounds.
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Run 1:30 1:35 1:35
Sit-up 1:24 :59 1:03
B. Ext. :32 :30 :28

This was intense. We will see if segmented work really delivers segmented capacity. My suspicion is it does not. I am enjoying “Power CrossFit,” but I will move on if it does not deliver.


Fasted: 9:30pm-11:30pm. 14 hours

500m swim Combat Side Stroke with dominant side- 12:14
500m swim Combat Side Stroke with non-dominant side- 15:31

I have already shaved 1 minute off of my swim time with no speed work. This is only my 4th swim session. It’s all technique. I KNOW I can get into the 9:30’s at some point.

Run 20 minutes straight. Then go home. It was too damn hot outside but I did it.

Ladder 1-14, pull-upX1, push-upX2, sit-upX3.

I view this training plan and all training plans as a map. They guide us. I still
have to apply every fiber and every turn of will to it but I can modify based on how I am feeling. Changing a session or not completing a workout is not failure. I need to remember that.
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