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Originally Posted by Rob Earwicker View Post
Hi Greg,

Unfortunately not, I will be going to Colorado with Kate, she is trying to make the schoolage trip to Quebec. She is 6th on the list right now but she needs to lift to make sure. The next three girls are right behind on the %. Don't want to get pushed off.

I was hoping to lift in the Tommy Kono Classic, so I might lift in Col instead as I will be there with Kate. Do you know anyone who is going out there to lift?
Do you have a lot of lifters entered for the state games?

How is Aimee and yours training going?
Thanks for the link on goheavy last night Thomas is coming in on Mon.

Best wishes

I'm not sure who will be there. Word is there aren't many registrations in yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty the day of. I don't think Aimee is going to lift there, so it will just be me and maybe 3 other guys from our gym.

Good luck to you and kate!
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