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Fasting period: 830pm-230pm, 18 hours

I think I have been losing fat but not weight, which is just fine with me. Also, I was feeling run down and plain terrible about a week ago. I added a lot of fruit and more fat on a rest day and I didn't feel any better. I had half a large pizza and some coke the two nights ago. I've felt fantastic training yesterday and today. Why? I usually feel terrible after eating non-paleo foods, so bad that I wasn't even using a cheat day for awhile.

Black Box Lower body lift, 5X3 back squat

Lifting feels good. I have to continue to work on form. I am wondering how these numbers shape up for someone who only trained the back squat in a WOD setting.

"Filthy Fifty"
50 box jumps
50 jumping pull-ups
50 1.5 pood KB swings
50 walking lunges
50 knees to elbows
50 back extensions
50 burpees
50 wall balls
50 tuck jumps


I am not disappointed with the fifty but I think it proves my point regarding tracking progress with CrossFit. My BEST time on this is 22:20. It wasn't even that long ago. CrossFit made me extremely anti any sort of linear progression or periodization scheme for tracking progress. I was only using randomness and "how I feel." I felt stronger during this fifty than the last one but I moved slower. I think linear progression in weight, reps, or difficulty clearly demonstrates progress or regression.
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