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Originally Posted by Mark Joseph Limbaga View Post
I think doing dips in place of bench is fine. many of the guys in our gym have been doing it and are getting great results.
Super--I was hoping there was nothing inherently wrong with doing so.

I'd throw the weighted pullups in on the deadlift day, but that's me.
Sounds good. I guess those two go together well.

I would just exchange the bench for shoulder pressess. I think rippatoe(sp?) is the author isn't he??
Well, Rippetoe has one doing presses on the third day and benches on the second, so presses on both may be overkill, which is why I inquired about replacing bench with dips. But if you can squat all three days, maybe pressing on the second and third day would not be counterproductive?

Thanks, Mark, Chris, and Damien, for your responses. I will post my results as I progress.
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