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Originally Posted by R. Alan Hester View Post

I have recently started focusing on strength, because, after a 10 year endurance fetish (e.g., long-distance running), I have lost every bit of it(deadlift:250; Squat:225; press:120 at BWT of 210lbs--SUCK). I have been using Coach Rutís workouts and some from Crossfit, but I lack so much strength that my times are horrendous. I am using Rippetoe's Starting Strength as prescribed, but I don't want to lose all my conditioning. Should I implement some GPP training on the off days in order to mitigate my losing the conditioning that I built using the Rut/Crossfit-based methodology?
I was thinking of using some of Ross Enamaitís stuff (e.g., ICT and minute drills). Any thoughts on my plan? Should I not worry about losing conditioning, thereby focusing all of my energies on strength?


If your relative strength is down your times on workout challenges will suffer. Build up your base BUT as Everett mentioned don't drop your GPP work. You can do the WOD's on alternative days while rotating ME focus OR a 5-12 minute mix at the end.

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