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Originally Posted by Brandon Enos View Post
I have another question too. Over the next few weeks, until fall semester starts, Im going to have a sem-hectic work schedule (any four days during the week for ten hour shifts) so I might have to do a workout at 7 AM one day, anytime I want on the next, and then at eight at night another, etc., I know that Ill have to see how I feel and go from there mainly, but anyone have any ideas how this might create changes in my Fast-5/Paleo diet?
Do you get to know your work schedule the first day of the week or is it handed to you on a day by day basis?

It seems like that might be good for a light feeding/feasting template, for example:

Monday (workday)- workout at 7 AM, work at 9 AM - 7 PM, light feed 3-5 hours, sleep
Tuesday (non workday) - wake up 9 AM, workout 10AM, Heavy feed day 5+ hours), sleep
Wed. (workday) - wake up at 9 AM, workout 10 AM, Heavy feed day 5+ hours, work 8PM - 6 AM, sleep
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