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Originally Posted by Allen Chu Yeh View Post
I'm currently following the Strength workouts outlined in The New Rules of Lifting book by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler. I also didn't want to give up completely on metcon and I have been adding in things after my workout that last like Coach Rut mentioned 5-10 minutes on average.
Here is an example of what I have been doing:
last M - heavy squat day - 5 minutes of kb swings
last T - heavy bench/row - nothing had to run out of the gym
last W- rest
last Th - heavy deadlift - 10 minutes of buellers and farmers walk
last Fr - heavy chins/overhead pressing - run/row
sat - rest
sun -rest
M - heavy squat day - I threw in tabata rows
T - heavy bench/row day - I did 1/4 Angie so I'd end up around 10 minutes
W- rest - only thing I did was some stretching
Th - heavy deadlifts - I did 1/2 Jackie (from Coach Ruts website)
Fr -Heavy chins and overhead press - Running/rowing

I'll see how I feel this weekend but at the least I was planning on doing mobility exercises from Super Joints and some foam rolling and I might join the CF DC crew for a workout Sunday.

Thanks for the workout ideas; I will use some. I will also have to modify some of Coach Rut’s workouts and get creative on my own in order to create some brief metcon workouts. Let me know how it progresses.

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