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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
For some reason I feel like keeping the IF would be easier to do than doing this type of crazy schedule without it. That way you don't start doing the grazing thing due to hunger for a missed meal or something.
Yup..Allen's right on here. Focus on simple simple methods..., reduce the number of variables that could screw you up. metcon and density work are going to make you hungry, sprints won't but the temptation to push it into longer session of intervals is def. there. until you are below 20%BF, I wouldn't worry about the strong medicine of stuff like afterburn, timed sets and the CF girls.. etc. just focus on the easy, steady approach....

Paleo diet, IF if you want to......

and strength based progression at least three sessions a week with a squat, a pull and a push.

5x5 has worked for a huge number of people, I thrive on lower reps with higher percentages so I'm partial to lots of singles or sets of 3 or ladders of 1,2,3...all have worked for me while calorie restricted.

if you have to have extra workouts keep them un-programmed and active stretching, ab work and pullups or skill practice with pet lifts that are fun like bent press or dumbell snatches or whatever floats your boat. do not add in heaps of metcon or "cardio" leave before you get remotely tired and just warmed up. stay fresh for your main workouts.
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