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Brandon Enos
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I guess this info brings forth a couple more questions.

I noticed that whenever the 5x5 on a three day schedule is described, Wednesday (or the second day) is always different exercises than the 1st and 3rd days. Is there a specific reason for this?

Also, could and should squats and deadlifts be done on the same day?

Basically, heres what I have now:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
A-1: (BB) Military Press 5x5
A-2: (BW) Pull-up 5x5
B-1: (BB) Back Squat 5x5
B-2: (BB) Dead Lift 5x5
C-1: Power Wheel Roll Out 3x6
C-2: Hanging Knee Raise 3x10

But depending on the reasoning as to why the different exercises and as to whether or not squats and deads can be done on the same day, I may have to change this.
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