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Saturday 7/14/2007

Been slacking off a little this week. Had some aches and pains on Tuesday, so I took a very short session, and skipped Thursday's normal workout

For today, I hiked for two hours up into the Sandia foothills. Basically, an hour uphill, then an hour downhill, carrying a light pack with some water. I measured the route, and calculated I did 3.25 miles in the first 50 minutes, for an average pace of just under 4 MPH. I don't know the elevation gain, but the first half was totally uphill at a 5-10% grade.

The wife and I are planning to travel up to Colorado over Labor Day to climb some of the 14000 foot mountains in the Denver area. I've been feeling guilty about not doing much outdoor stuff this year, so I'm looking forward to doing some day hikes to prepare. We have several 10000-12000 foot peaks and trails within short driving distance.
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