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"I was told that Rolf Milser once got an invitation to train with the bulgarians---he stayed there two weeks, after week one he was enthusiastic, after week two he was tired, when he came back he couldn't continue with his training as he was toast for a while. He reportedly loved the bulgarian system but simply couldn't cope with it, at least that's what I was told from one of the national german coaches.

So anybody intending to make that trip should check his ego at the door. Personally I think I wouldn't survive that month, tripleling volume of sessions and doing it high intensity style, with competition weights, or maxes of the day..."

----now this is an interesting topic as to coaching and programming. what a shame that the americans our going to flock to this guy in droves and continue their idol worship, not knowing the difference between damaging their bodies and developing them. more is better -not!
drugs. he used drugs on athletes that had to come to him as their job for their government. you never see the stats on the ones that were injured and didnt make it. that is no fault of theirs, and it does not mean anything negative about milser that he was smart enough not to stay with a workout that was incorrect for him.

a great coach is one that works with each athlete to improve them at each workout, not one that beats them up, drugs them up, and discards the ones who break. injuries and overtraining are the fault of the coach and the program, not a sign that the athlete is incapable of coping.

sorry, but drugs make a difference, and he has not proven that he can coach without them if in fact that is what he will be doing here. its a differnet world coaching natural lifters. the coach, and the athlete - must have patience. that is one quality of a Champion that these druggies have no experience with. -g
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