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Default more work

I took Friday off because my knee hurt bad after squatting. I knew I wasn't going low enough. Normally, I wouldn't be a pussy but I really can't afford to get hurt at this point. Saturday was a rest day anyway so I took it too. I think it paid off. I was faster today than I have ever been. I am wondering if the results of eating at random/intermittent times and using mixed/random modal met-con sessions would be amplified if we paired them with random training and rest days. What would the results be?

Fasting period: 10pm-5pm, 19 hours.

400mX6 sprints. Rest was 1:1
1. 1:25 4. 1:24
2. 1:24 5. 1:29
3. 1:24 6. 1:28

Not fast, but the fastest I've ran. I'm getting there!
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