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Sunday 7/15/2007

Changing it up a little bit. I stole this from John McCallum's Complete Keys to Progress.


Prone Hyperextensions: 3x10

Squats: 135x5 185x5 225x5
- went a little easy on these because of my hip
- take three deep breaths between each rep

Pullovers: 15x5x20
- superset these with squats
- done to "expand the rib box"

Front Squats: 135x3x10

Bench Press: 135x4x8

Power Cleans: 95x5 115x2x5 135x2x5
- again, went a little easy on these

Bent-Over Row: 95x10 115x10 135x10
- cut this short because I was feeling it in my low back

Overhead Press: 95x3x8

Incline DB Curls: 25x3x8 x each arm
- superset with presses


Hip Abductor Machine: 40x3x10 x right leg

I haven't worked these high reps in a while, and I moved through everything at a good pace, so I got some conditioning and a nice pump. Am I allowed to talk about being pumped on the P-Menu?
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