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Bear with me. I'm going to try to get this done in one breath.

So, I read in another thread about "intervals within intervals" about how you can divide the work you do up in manageable, yet highly powerful intervals and Scotty Hagnas quoted Robb about splitting up the work, so he tried it with Helen and it went like this; 40 yd zig-zag dash, 7 swings, 4 pull ups for nine rounds, and I thought, "Hell, I could kill at that," and I also made this connection to EDT because it sounded a lot like that, so I thought I'd give it a try the next time I went to the gym, then I read the latest article by Chad Waterbury where he describes this "breakthrough" he's found in training and getting "hyooge" where you lift a moderate amount of weight really fast for as many reps as you can until you slow down, then stop and this will recruit more motor units; hence, you get all swole and I think, "Isn't that a lot like what Robb, and Scotty, and Staley just said?" Hell yeah it's what they said.

So that's what I did yesterday.

Power EDT round 1:
SGDL 185#
one-arm push press 50#
15 min. 3 reps per round. 20-40 sec. rest between rounds.
11 rounds.

EDT can be used for power, GPP, hypertrophy, or all three. I chose power and got a wallop of GPP thrown in for good measure.

Power EDT round 2:

Pull ups
single leg squats
15 minutes, 3 reps per round, little or no rest between rounds.
12 rounds.
Went as fast as possible through the first few rounds, then changed from real single leg squats (to a low bench) to split squats with a 25lb DB. Picked up speed and really snapped the hips on the way up on each rep.
Pull ups are pull ups no matter what I do. Kipping is beyond me, so I pull like hell.

I think this will be my approach for a while, or until I get bored again. Or, I might mix in a lot of different approaches for a while.

Oh, warm up was the bike ride to the gym and then some DJ complexes using 65# (snatch, OHS, back squat, good morning, press, row, DL).
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