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Tuesday 7/17/2007

In keeping with the spirit of "changing it up," I did the famous York Course #3 today. This is a tough little fellow, but enjoyable.

- light power snatches
- light clean and press
- joint mobility
- foot drills

York Course #3:

One-Arm Jerk: 55x10 x each arm
One-Arm Snatch: 40x10 x each arm
Two-Arm Press: 95x10
Deep Knee Bend: 185x12
One-Arm Overhead Squat: 60x10 x each arm
High Pull: 185x10
Press Behind Neck: 85x10
Hang Power Snatch: 75x10
Two-Arm Jerk: 115x10
Hang Power Clean: 115x10

I haven't done some of these moves for a while -- particularly the snatches, which I hardly ever do. No breaks, except to change the weights. It doesn't look that hard on paper, but all of the exercises are big compound moves, and make you really tired.

I didn't plan this consciously, but it looks like I'm using weights in the 50-60% range. You could go higher, take a little more rest, and maybe add a second set to some of the moves for a strength workout. Or you could go lighter and focus on really flying through everything for a tough metcon session. Very flexible, these old York Courses. I have a couple of other ones I want to try out over the next few weeks.

I finished up with some easy pumping and toning for arms, calves, etc., and some sit-ups.
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