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Sounds like a solid plan, you should...No I take that back, WILL see tremendous results. Monitor your body might have to watch the amount of PWO sugars if you are insulin resistant and find more fat piling on. Poloquin says he uses a mix of Whey and L-Glutamine (like 30+g) as his PWO linking the L-Glutamine as an insulin stimulator (which is why you want high GI sugars for the anabolic affect) without adding the excess sugars to an insulin resistant person. I'm sure the body fat will go up a small %, but shouldn't be more than 3-4%. You can always lean back out those few % and save the muscle later.

What kind of lifting cycle are you planning on doing? 5x5? 3x8? 10x10? etc...of course a periodized program is the best solution for max strength and size.

And Steve makes a good point about some BCAA before a workout so they are already in the system for the muscle to suck up like a sponge.
"The fundamental idea to take away is that BCAA, in particularly leucine, reverse the inhibition of translation produced by resistance training. In reversing this inhibition, BCAA will allow for increased muscle hypertrophy through greater levels of protein synthesis."
from a related thread over at t-nation on BCAAs
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