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Wednesday Results:
5 Rounds of 400m Run, 10 BW Bench Press, 10 Chins
This workout was average. I did it at my gym, which is usually empty, but for some reason yesterday was filled with people who decided that an hour walking on the treadmill was the path to elite fitness. I hate running on treadmills to begin with, but I don't have a portable bench press (if one exists, I would be really interested), so doing this at the track would be impossible. Anyhow, I hated how I had to ramp up the speed of the treadmill every round and one of the cheap ones shut down on me right when it got up to peak speed. I also don't believe the bench facilitates metabolic conditioning well, so from now on I will leave it for ME days. I know many people don't see it as very functional, but I still believe it is the best lift for developing brutal upper body strength (and this is coming from someone who LOVES overhead pressing and weighted chins). All and all, it wasn't a wasted effort for I was tired at the end, but this won't be a workout I rotate into my schedule very often.

Today's workout should be much more difficult.
5 rounds of 15 135Lb C&J/400m Run
I can do this one at the track; high rep clean destroy me and well paced 400m sprints inspire me to come up with all kinds of excuses to quit in my head, so it should be a bear.
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