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Default Yeah...

Fasting Period: 10pm-still going. Probably 19 hours.

BB TB Lift, HPC 5X1

130-135-missed 140-missed 140- you get the point.

I'm not sure if it is training in a fasted state, my technique, or the fact that I've never lifted consistently to gain a base of strength but I could not pull 140 if you had a gun to my head. I could have muscled cleaned it but I was avoiding that. I need to be more ballistic, more explosive.

I'm starting to rethink if I will get results doing these lifts over again in the Black Box format. I know strength takes time but I am not so sure how beneficial max effort is to someone who has not trained for strength in any other way other than CrossFit. I will either 1) use the starting strength program or 2) continue to Black Box doing HPC's for my total body lift, Front Squats for my lower body lift, and Weighted Pull-ups for my upper body lift. The advantage, for me, to using BB and not SS is I do long runs, swims, and metcon sessions. I do a little of everything. The strength component of my work is to improve running, swimming, jumping, and climbing. It is the means to an end. But! In the end I can only keep it if it make me stronger.

If anyone would like to offer any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

I was pissed when I finished so I went right into Power Fran to redeem myself:

21 reps, 95# Thrusters: 1:57
Rest 2:00
21 reps, Pull-ups: 1:10
Rest 2:00
15 reps, 95# Thrusters: :41
Rest 2:00
15 reps, Pull-ups: :47
Rest 2:00
9 reps, 95# Thrusters: :27
Rest 2:00
9 reps, Pull-ups, :19

My thrusters, initially, we front squats to shoulder presses, rather than push presses. This killed me after the cleans. When I got my rhythm, it obviously got much better. This is 5:16 Fran if you add it all up. Hmmm, I've done it faster than this straight through.
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