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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
Tough to tell. I have a former eye surgeon who is 78 and has progressed to 3 pull-ups, good DL form w/115lbsx10 and an assortment of other accomplishments.

He has always eaten kinda low carb and gravitated to the paleo stuff easily.

I have folks in their 50's who are far off his's just a crap shoot.
I'll second that. I've got a lady that just turned 70 in May (5'2", ~120). We've been working for the last 4 or 5 years to stave off a hip replacement that her doctor told her was iminent. She has problems with extreme ranges of motion, but we've almost got her doing an unassisted pullup, DLs BW+20 lb pretty easily (*if we start her 2" off the floor), and generally shows up some of my 50-ish clients.

She's been pretty active her whole life: horses and dogs, hunting, etc., and very into cooking. Kind of takes the French approach--all things in moderation. I generally pray I'm doing as well at 70.
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