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Originally Posted by Brandon Enos View Post
Okay, I started a 5x5 type of program this week. On Wednesday, my press was the bench. I used to have problems with it, but I went back and worked on my form, no more shoulder problems, but thats beside the point.

I know in the 5x5 post earlier, the bench was brought up a lot. I know in Starting Strength (great book btw), it is part of the program, but when Mark Rippetoe talks about it, its almost as if he dislikes it and is including it for no other reason then its popularity.

My questin is, since I am not trying to become a powerlifter, nor am I in any kind of sport or group where the bench will be a measure of "manliness", should I just do away with it and work on dips and eventually weighted dips in its place?

What do you think?
I think you're misreading Rip. the bench is certainly overdone but it is a pretty damn good exercise.

If your goal is building muscle and/or power in your upper body, pairing the bench and bench derivatives (close grip, dumbell, incline etc.) with overhead presses, rows and pull ups is hard to beat. dips are boring. I know of no strength or mass gain program built around dips. they are useful I guess, but not the best tool in the box.
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