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I had a 65 yr old client who was losing fat, lifting 80lb deadlifts and worked her ass off....and then each week she would come in telling about people she knew that were dying...and every week it was a new person....I kept telling her she was like better off than 95% of people her age...but she saw it first hand as everyone else's health declined....and she got better....sad considering in another 10 years I am sure all the average standards will be much lower.

PS. She wasn't German so I didn't need to nationally rank her...although I would say something like "You are in the 5th percentile of the upper 10% of average population by demographics as scaled by age relation to national heritage and shoe size..".....when in doubt if I don't have an answer...I just confuse the hell out of them and say it with 100% confidence....they walk away knowing never to ask that question again.....
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