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Brandon Enos
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Hey, sorry to post and run like that. Been kinda busy the last few days and havent had a chance to get back on.

Thanks to everyone for your responses. I think Ill just keep the bench in my routine for now, at least for a few weeks and see how it goes.

I have two more questions regarding the Starting Strength routine. First, in the book it sounds like a traditional 5x5 where you add five or ten pounds on every workout day. Last few times on here though, it sounded like your supposed to add five or ten pounds every set (ie start at 150, end at 200; next time start at 160 end at 210, and so on). Just wanted some clarrification on that.

Secondly, right now Im doing; workout 1 - squat, press, pullup; workout 2 - dead, bench, hanging knee raise. I kinda want to switch to the starting strength routine in the book, but where are the pullups and abs? Im GTG with pullups on non-workout days since my numbers are so low, but Id like to work on them from a strength focus. And what about abs? With heavy deads, shouldnt you wanna make sure that your abs are strong? Any idea as to how you could (or if you should even) add pullups and ab work to the program?

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