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Default It's better than you think!

If you go to the BK website, you can customize your food, i.e. see what the nutrition value of just two patties from a double whopper is:

The verdict:

470 calories (which is about 1966 kJ, by my calculations)
Protein: 39g
Fat, total 35g (assuming you wiped off all the mayo)
- Saturated 16g
Carbohydrate 0g
Sugars 0g
Sodium 140mg

So you got rid of half the calories, all the carbs, 85% of the sodium, and you still got 80+% of the protein... it's sweet! Now if only they would give it to you for half price since you're only having half the original contraption...

You can do the same thing on the cheap at McDonald's with double hamburgers. If you got, say, two double hamburgers, you get nearly the same amount of meat as a double quarter pounder for almost 40% less $$. And if you ask for the burgers sans buns, they'll throw in a free lettuce leaf and put them in a special salad container with a fork and knife... er, so I've heard. My uh, friend told me that's what he does when he needs quick protein on the road. I mean, it's not grassfed organic buffalo, but it's better than the regular burger and fries...
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