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Originally Posted by Jeremy Jones View Post
I don't know any hard evidence off hand, but this would be the first place I would look:

A couple of random thoughts.

1 The only species I know of that does LSD are migratory birds and humans who wear NIKE. Every thing else does intervals.

2. Back in the 80's (stop laughing) I had a solid business coaching triathletes. This was BI (before internet) and BS (before software) I coached over 50 athletes with a spreadsheet I cooked up and a fax machine. I guided 8 athletes through the IRONMAN in Hawaii.

The big difference at the time was my programming approach. My template included lower volume and intervals. My athletes did a session of intervals a session of AT training and a session of mixed mode work. IE- Swim/Bike, Bike/Run...

Most were healthy, at least physcially.
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