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Continuing with the lift one day a week program for now due to time contraints.

Warm up was a one mile bike ride to the gym, then 3 rounds of complexes with 65#. Power snatch, OHS, back squat, good morning, overhead press, bent row, deadlift. Was sweating like a motherf*&^er at this point.

Sticking with the EDT style of workout with a power bias twist.
First pairing was back squats (185#) with single arm rows (90#). The idea was to keep reps low and make them fast. Target was 10 rounds with rest in between. Got the 10 rounds, but it was close. The squats were crap, at best, while the rows looked good. Grip was failing, especially with the left hand.

We now pause until the laughter subsides.

Second pairing was dips and single-leg deadlifts. Use 60# for the SLDL's; no weight for the dips. 11 rounds.
I haven't done dips in a loooooong time, so they were a little awkward. Got deep (sternum level); just couldn't go too fast.

Hopefully, I can get to the gym tomorrow.
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