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Originally Posted by Coach Rutherford View Post
1 The only species I know of that does LSD are migratory birds and humans who wear NIKE. Every thing else does intervals.
I agree that LSD aka "jogging" training is more an industry nowadays. Promoted by running companies. How much do the organizers/cities make at every marathon, half, 5ks, 10ks...etc every weekend? And we wouldn't need all those $200 spring loaded heeled shoes if we were sprinting. First thing I tell people when they come in is ditch the spring loaded shoes, as it only serves to screw up their proper squatting form and eventually their knees.

As for the early 80s comment coach....snicker....sorry I digress, I imagine trying to do a spreadsheet on the likes of a Comodore 64....How much fun that was I can not imagine. All I used mine for was "Pitfall" and "Pole Position".

Not sure how many people would show up for a weekend interval hill run! I'm in though.
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