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Default Power Day

Feast Day. First one. Ate three squares and then called it quits at 6pm. I felt bloated.

BB ME LB Lift, Back Squats 5X1

I'm feeling strong and I am very pleased. I'll get hard at it when I cycle through these lifts again.

"Power Jackie."
200m row, 10 95# Thrusters, 6 pull-ups with 20# weight vest. 5 rounds, rest 2 minutes between each round.
1. 2:52
2. 2:38
3. 3:08
4. 3:25
5. 3:19

Power CF is hard. A lot of time was wasted on strapping into the vest. I need to dig down deeper when it gets tough. I need to be more explosive with my thrusters.
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