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Jason Highbarger
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Default 5 Blocks At A Time Durring Feast?

I just started IF and will be logging this process daily. I was unsure which method to follow (15-18 hr, daily vs 24-on/24-off). I have ultimately decided that I will stick with an 18 hour a day fast. I will shift every 5-10 days (still deciding) from an am Feast to a pm Feast. i.e.; 5-10 days I will either Feast from say, 8-am to 2-pm, then 5-10 days I will Feast from possibly 2-pm to 8-pm. Durring the transistion from cycle to cycle on this time format, I will carry through a longer period Fast (24-hrs) until the start of the next Feasting period, or continue the Feasting period (24 hrs), though at my typical Zone alottments and spread throughought the 24 hour period. Or I will Feast from 7am-1pm, Fast from 1pm-7am, then switch after 5-10 days to a 3pm-9pm Feast, 9pm-3pm fast, in which durring the transitions between cycles will yield a 26 hour Fast and a 16 hour Fast.

Either way, my questions are these;

1; Sears (The Zone) says not to eat more than 5 blocks of protein in any given meal as this can cause an insulin spike. So when I consume durring my Feasting period should I try to spread my consumption as much as possible in say 5 block meals (I am already at 3x fat) over the 6 hour period so as to minimize any possibility of getting an insulin spike from >5 protein blocks?

2; for 24/24 Feast/Fast format, it is suggested to at least double your intake in blocks so as to consume the total amount you would have eaten otherwise (17 blocks daily = at least 34 blocks on the 24/24 protocal), so should one seek to increase their Zone block consumption slightly or greatly for a 6hr/18hr daily protocal? i.e.; possibly bump my consumption durring the 6 hour feasting period up from 17 blocks to say, 20-25 blocks? (Still keeping my 3x fats of course.) Perhaps I should zig-zag my daily consumption as I do now (I had currently been zig-zagging my Zone Block consumption between 14 and 18 blocks daily, though at 3x fat, and with great results over the last 3 months. [Height = 56, BW down to 169.5 lbs, leaner, stronger, Fitter.] )

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will chart everything so hopefully I can provide everyone with my personal results albeit annecdotal.

Thanks for your help. Issues 6, 16 and 17 with regards to IF were greatly helpfull and insightfull!
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