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Hmmm...we had a kid that placed 3rd in California in Mtn. Biking (down hill) last year. He trained with us for 6 months and to my knowledge has won everything he has entered (I'll shoot him an email and see if he will wander over here and comment on performance). Now...these are shorter races so it may not carry much weight with what Motion was saying.

We have had several riders who are only recreational but have commented that the CrossFit training has improved their games. Typically they train with us during the week and ride the weekends.

I think this is an opportunity that was missed by CF at large, namely how does one take mixed modal activities to improve "YOUR" sport. Not how big of a CrossFit stud can you can we apply this technology to improve your chosen endeavor? About a year or two ago a template was put forward by the Calhoon High Powerlifting coach. They were using some smart met cons to drive GPP and dial in body comp amidst some very good PL'ing prep.

In the case of a triathalete or marathoner, they could certainly benefit from some mixed modal activities, but not on the format of the Calhoon PL'ers.

I think Coach Glassman's definition of fitness is genius. I think it provides a theoretical framework for pursuing optimized health and a very broad performance base...but as one migrates further and further from the glycolytic pathway, with either a power or aerobic bias, programming must reflect this shift if one desires to be among the "elite" of that group and by his (coach Glassman’s) definition one may become a “fringe” athlete. I guess my point is that as coaches and trainers it’s important to put the needs and desires of our clients ahead of our personal biases. The reality is if folks aspire to the highest levels of performance they may not be particularly well rounded OR healthy.
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