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Default Playing catch up

I've decided to give fasting a break to see what happens to my energy levels. I think I am over training a tad and I want to tweak some things.


500m CSS all on my strong side- 12:44. Obviously I need to alternate sides. I was fighting the water too.
rest 2 minutes
3X100m Breast stroke sprints, rest :30 between sprints
rest 1:30
4X50m Breast stroke sprints, rest :15 between sprints
rest 2:00.
200m CSS, alternating sides and concentrating on stroke length- 5:48

Shoulder Press, ME BB 5X1
115-135-145 (f)-140 (f)-X

My right shoulder is feeling weird. I am going to drop black boxing. My goals don't require it, it hasn't helped me become better at climbing, pushing, or pulling, and I haven't gotten much stronger since I began. I might just be frustrated. You might see a come back.

15 135# Deadlifts
400m run
15 GHD sit-ups

I really liked this WOD. Good stress reliever.
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