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I think you are exactly right. That's why I've decided to drop the black box lifting and not fast for awhile. I'd been attempting to do this much for two reasons: I do not want to gain weight again. Being as fat as I was has made me petrified of being that fat again. It would be impossible to get fat doing as much as I am doing, but I still am concerned with any fat gain. I also figured that volume this high would mimic closely what I would be doing later. But I realize that there is a difference between a gut check and training. I need to train, not destroy myself.

Anyway in the future my training week will look something like this:

MON- long run, swim, high volume body weight work (pyramids, ladders, X sets of X reps)

TUES- Low volume CF work out, 4 tabata rounds of two body weight movements

WED- swim, sprints (100mX10, 200mX8, 400mX6, 800mX4...) Weighted Pull-ups, 5X5, 45#


FRI- long run, swim, Weighted Dips, 5X5, 45#

SAT- CF, max effort of a couple of bodyweight movements (number of reps in two minutes, 3 sets of max reps, burnouts)

SUN- long run, swim, high volume body weight work (pyramids, ladders, X sets of X reps)

I am going to "deload" every fourth week with something like:

MON: LSD Swim, 1000m
TUES: 10 minute Cindy, 3 pull-ups, 6 push-ups, 9 squats
WED: 50mX5 sprints
FRI: Swim 500m
SAT: 100mX10 sprints
SUN: Rest
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