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Finished SS and PP and moved my training schedule to M/W/F following the recommended novice schedule on SS. Currently at 131.2lbs. Still trying to keep my diet mostly paleo but have been drinking lot's of milk and increased cheat meals up to 3 (chick fil-a and subway). I think the extra rest from working out only two days actually helped out because I feel a bit stronger today than before.

My M/W/F schedule will look like this:

Monday: Squat

Wed: Squat
Press/ Bench

Thurs: Squat

Obviously, the press and bench press would alternate each day. I will probably use additional work from crunchs, dips, rows, etc as needed. This is the template in SS. Warmps would be with the bar itself and progress along sets accross.

Im really not used to slowing down and just focusing on strength training so im hoping this program can build mass. I've pretty much been eating nonstop, 3 large meals a day plus food in between. Lots of milk, lots of meat, whey protein, vegies, fruits, and I will admit some junk food here and there ( fast food a couple times this week plus snicker bars at work). Will never touch a soda though. Only green tea and water next to the milk along with the coconut milk trick.
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