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Let's try and log.....again.
Overview of the last couple of months. Have remained paleo/if. For the most part I wouldn't consider any of my eating patterns similar to the zone, except for using blocks to quantify macronutrients.
Mostly low-carb, with little fruit. At times felt absolutely amazing, but, have also felt as lethargic and weak as ever! During times of weakness it was very hot, relatively for my neck of the woods (WHistler BC, Canada).
I like eating low carb, but, I do feel that it does let me down to be there consitently. I would love to get away with 25-100g CHO/day, 160-225g fat/day (worked backwards from 1500-2000 ckals of fat), along with my 550g-700g PRO/day. (BW 158lbs, 5'7", BF% < 10%-estimated from previous calculations) But, I seem to crash when I keep this up.
My experiment with IF has been good.
I can easily go 12-22hrs without eating. Problems arise trying to eat normal portions after IFing. I will try 24 on/24 off. So that my meal sizes stay relatively constant, which, in theory should be easier on me.

I will keep a log so that I can see exactly why I am having successes or failures.
I also feel that I am have problems digesting some things.
1-Nuts in large amounts, or prolonged use. I only seem to eat almonds or macadamias (don't know how to eat them in small amounts!)
2-eggs. Seem to eat them all the time, or never, again, don't know how to eat in moderation
3-avocados. Combining eggs & avocados gives me bad gas. I know to not do that anymore....
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