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After a 17 hr fast. And a workout of snatches, snatch pulls, and squats. although I snatched 72.5 kg, my form was terrible. I was bending my arms way too early. Ugly to watch the video. I did "charlie horse" both my biceps crashing on a trampolene yesterday which is hopefully causing this problem for today. (I hope)
snatch 72.5 kg
snatch pulled 90 kg
squated 115kg x2- felt pretty weak under the bar today

One hour eating window
fish oil 2 tspn
big swig of Apple cider vinegar
18 oz ground buffalo (cooked with 4 tbsp coconut oil)
1 med size white onion
2 large avocados
6 tbsp olive oil
topped with cilantro

1 pint of fresh rasberries
1 larabar for desert
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