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One topic that has not been brought up directly in this thread (though it probably falls loosely under stress reduction) is SEX, as in a healthy and fulfilling sex life (hopefully with someone, not something) and its role in longevity.

A few years ago I was trying hard to build my Chiro practice, there were 3 kids in the house(2 of them in diapers), sleep was a luxury, money was tight and my wife's and my sex life suffered. With certain needs being unfulfilled, I tended to have more late night snacks and engage in more general binge-type behavior. These were hardly my healthiest years. Now that the youngest is 4, the finances are solid etc, we have gone through a second wave of sexual giddiness and we've recently spent a lot of time (post coital) discussing how important sexual fulfillment is in one's life. Physiologically speaking, there's gotta be some good stuff happening. How much can we harm ourselves by not taking full advantage of this natural resource?

I have an old book called The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity that hits this topic in depth. The Taoists place sexual activity near the top of their list of priorities for a long and healthy life. Of course, the Taoists believe that while the male should have sex often, he should "preserve essence", or as the author puts it, have "contact without leakage" (LOL). This is to allow your body to redirect the sexual energy elsewhere in the body. I've never read anything that actually supports this theory, but the warm fuzzies I experience do seem to be some type of NER, not unlike a good WO.

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