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Default My complaint about the Performance Menu

Okay, I've been a subscriber for several months now. And I ordered all the back issues, because, let's face it, they're outstanding. And then you guys set up this forum with great people, a scientific and humorous vibe, and tons of insightful info. And now this protein debate. This is too much. Seriously, you guys are fantastic, but...

How can I give you more money? I would like to show my appreciation in some way other than a lame email slobbering about how great you are, but it's tough: you're not selling any t-shirts, mugs, hats, sweatshirts, dvd's, books, mouse pads, supplements, posters, etc... I'd love to buy something more, but I can't! Any chance that you'll have anything like that soon?

(I have purchased another year of the PM and will be buying Rut's DB Moves from the NSC site, but still...)
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