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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
What is the DL world record right now? I know some of the better Ol'ers are up in the 850-900 range, certainly knocking on that top end.

Some of my best and easiest DL'ing was on the heals of a lot of OL. I had an easy 2.5xbw...but this is from a base of PL years ago when I was at a 3.1xBW.

I think Josh Everett is at like a 3.15xBW and is "just" an Olifter.

Interesting stuff to be sure although Mark Twights comment on the development of the DL sounds a lot like some material that people have crucified Glassman about...

Here's my meta take on the whole to DL or not Dl, .... Dl is a simple lift, not super technical and an excellent measure of all around strength. That said, physiologically it's freakishly complex with almost every flexor and extensor in the body being asked to work in a coordinated fashion at close to peak output. I think that is why you consistently hear from high level deadlifters that it is draining on the CNS....

Now, some people can DL often and to great effect, others need to use assistance exercises in lieu of the DL,

some have claimed that they can train someone into a 500 plus pound DL, lifting only a couple times a year. Others have claimed that high rep KB swings will do the trick.....

dubious claims both. it's not that it can't happen, it's that I'd take even money or worse odds that you can't replicate this success across a broad population. of otherwise "normal" people.

Mark seems to be saying....

"One of our seminar students pulled a 450# Deadlift at a bodyweight of 160#. His DL training diet consisted of a high volume of fast pulls at an average of 135# with his heaviest lifts done at 185#. Quite an interesting result, which causes one to ask a few questions about what works and why."

Bingo....We're not sure why it works, but it seems like it it the "WTH effect", the black box or deadlift voodoo....

For my money, I'd look at what has consistently produced results that we can understand.

Deadlifting to get better at Deadlifting. makes sense.

Deadlifting less frequently with focus on assistance exercises to build weak points.

OL lifting.. it's a hard dynamic pull using all the same muscles and many of the same neural pathways....makes sense.

Don't do DL, focus on hi pulls and heavy swings.......maybe but I'd bet on the other three if I wanted a big DL. If i didn't care one way or the other, then no harm no what you like and test DL from time to time...but don't pull a Waterbury and claim you discovered a new system of DL training. Not that Mark is doing this, he seems to be making a fairly common observation.
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