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Steve Liberati
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This is definately one of the best boards I've ever been a part of. Its quite amazing how much my views on fitness (and life) have evolved since discovering Crossfit, this board and the knowledgable folks behind it all (namely Robb, Greg and the rest of the gang at PM not to mention the members that make this board what it is....Mike, Kevin the list goes on).
Retired from the musclehead juice boards and never looked back. Although I still get a laugh thinking at the time I was following a healthy lifestyle while I consumed a pound of dextrose post-workout, a pound of oats in the am and 500 grams of protein throughout the day (what do you expect I endured hard-core three hour workouts a night!!! hahaha)

So in retrospect, let me thank you guys for building a fantastic board and a great community to encompass it.
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